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Running Better with Music




"One of the first things I teach new runners is some basics about running cadence, or stride rate. Elite distance runners tend to stride at about the same rate, almost always 180 or more steps per minute."

- Jack Daniels, The Running Formula

An increased cadence “resulted in decreased center of mass vertical excursion, ground reaction force, shock attenuation, and energy absorbed at the hip, knee, and ankle joints.”

- A. Schubert, et al. 

Running to contemporary classical music set to the optimal cadence for runners has manifold benefits: it gives both the body and the mind a rhythm for training, provides motivation for physical activity, and allows a runner to experience the beauty of music and the activity.

 - Dr. Jon Feist, M.D.

What People are Saying...

"Fun music to listen to and easy to lock right in to a nice quick foot turn-over...easy to set a good feeling of pace and helped me feel quicker!"
"Awesome! My thoughts were more relaxed & focused on my run rather than external worries."
"It was fun to run with and the music itself gave me some positive feelings and good variation while still having a background cadence going."

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