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In 2011, I was training for a marathon. However, because I was running with inefficient form, I cracked both of my shin bones (bilateral tibial stress fractures). So instead of racing, I studied running form. After a year of research, I learned that step size and step frequency are two keys to injury prevention. So I started taking smaller steps at a rate of 180 steps per minute, a target cadence fro many runners, and was able to run pain free for the first time in a year! In an effort to help others, I created Training Groove to provide educational resources and tools for helping others run pain free as well.

I have since completed the Canyon City Half Marathon (Azusa, CA), Rocky Mountain Half Marathon (Estes Park, CO), Boulder Rez Half Marathon (Boulder, CO), All-Out Mardi Crawl (Lakewood, CO), and the Grand Teton Half Marathon (Jackson Hole, WY). 


While I am still an amateur in the true sense of the word, I desire to use my experience to help others reap the benefits of running by sharing what I have learned in regards to form, technique, and strategy.

Canyon City Half Marathon (November 2014)

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