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Training Groove is a collaboration of runners, composers, and performers to create new music specifically designed for running, to increase efficiency of form & reduce risk of injury.

The average recreational runner has a cadence of approximately 160 steps per minute. This cadence is often coupled with over-striding, which creates a braking effect when the foot lands in front of the body. Consequently, runners often experience pain or injury in the ankles, knees, and hips. 


Research indicates that a 180 cadence is a more efficient step rate. At this more efficient rate, the foot naturally lands more beneath the body’s center of gravity and there is less stress on the joints and bones. Consequently, all music composed for Training Groove is initially set at 180 bpm, allowing the running to move in time with the music to achieve the benefits of an increased cadence.

Cadence is so important to runners of all abilities: maintaining a cadence while running is the difficulty. Sure you can count, but a perfect rhythm in your music is such a simple, elegant and therefore, brilliant idea. 

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