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Adversity training!

Today was adversity training day:

Thomas and I embraced the cold weather today and went for a run around the lake. It was about 15 degrees when we went out (though definitely not quite like the polar vortex the midwest recently experienced), but cold enough and quite windy with blowing snow!


I was first introduced to the concept of adversity training when I lived in Bowling Green, OH. I started training for a race in January and, let me tell you, Ohio winters aren't fun. The sun never comes out and it can get COLD. But with few exceptions (namely, ice!) I would go out and run, no matter the conditions. A friend called this "adversity training." I remember one particularly difficult day when I was putting the miles in... and I felt so discouraged that I didn't know how to keep on going. Then, I ran by a snowman and saw a sliver of hope. To me, it represented the life and joy of children and so I was able to keep on going, with a bit more pep in my step. But I never fully embraced the adversity... and sometimes I still don't.


But today was different. At first I hated it. Running into the wind. Snow coming at us. And it was cold enough it felt like my eyelashes were freezing. I couldn't see. My glasses were fogging up. But we kept on keeping on... admittedly, the conditions did improve. But Thomas and I decided to share the things we appreciate about running in such adverse conditions. We came up with things like:

  • I love running into the wind, because it makes me feel so fast

  • I glad I live somewhere that I get to use this great, waterproof jacket

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to build resilience

  • Good thing I've run in this weather, in case it's like this the day of the half marathon later this month!

What keeps you going, when the going gets tough? And how does it make you stronger?

Guidelines: Be safe! Be smart! If it's icy, wear traction devices. If it's cold, wear layers (but not too many!). Find the right gear for the conditions. Stay hydrated and know the terrain. If you think conditions are unsafe, trust your instincts.

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