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Find Your Groove!

Operation Cadence is going through a transformation, while the essence remains the same, it will now be called Training Groove.

Operation Cadence was a name that I came up for myself. After attending a running seminar, I realized that I needed to increase my cadence. After suffering, bilateral tibial stress fractures, running hurt. But as soon as I increased my cadence, the pain went away. Thus cadence became my personal mission, and "Operation Cadence" reflected that nicely.

But the name doesn't fit everyone's mission. So it was time for a new name.

I love Training Groove because it reflects both the groove of the music and the groove of the run. The groove of the music complements and supports the run of the other. And the groove of the run complements and supports the groove of the music.

The music will be coming soon. Be on the lookout!

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