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The Doctoral Dash

So, for those of you who don’t know, right now I’m working on my doctorate in music. I’m currently ABD (all but dissertation!). It was a hallelujah moment when I successfully defended my comprehensive exams to become ABD, but that “but” is awfully big! So many things to navigate, coordinate, and do. Oh how I long for my cap and gown. If you’re considering a doctorate, think long and hard before you embark on this endeavor!

Anyway, it’s been a stressful season. And it often seems as though the more stressed I am, the harder it is to exercise. I don’t feel like I have the time to exercise… my to-do list is miles long and there is always the need to practice.

But last August (before the insanity of the school year began!), I registered for a half marathon in February. My husband, being the strong and encouraging man he is, has been keeping me on top of my training schedule. When I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall, he tells me to run. So I run… sometimes it’s the last thing that I feel like doing. But amazingly, I always feel better after the run.

Last week I was having difficulty coping with another challenge I had to face, as I seek to complete my degree. I was exasperated and worn out. But Thomas said it was time to run, so I laced up my shoes and together we headed out the door. For the half mile or so, I just expressed my frustration. But not long after, I was able to think more clearly and suddenly, while I didn't have a solution to my problems, I had more confidence to be able to face them.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Go get some exercise! Join me in what I'm calling the "doctoral dash."

If you, like me, finding it especially challenging when you are overwhelmed. I'd suggest joining a running group or finding a training partner. Here are some accountability tips.

To keep me going, Thomas and I have begun using bets for motivation. If I don't successfully complete my half marathon in February... I have to do all of the dishes for 10 days. If that's not a good motivator, I don't know what is! Thankfully, I've married a good-willed man who wants to see me succeed (despite the fact he would enjoy a 10 day vacation from dishes!).

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